Saturday, May 26, 2018

Amy Guess - dodges a bullet in "Never Come Back"

The track Never Come Back by Canadian born singer-songwriter Amy Guess feels like night runs at old dark haunts. The low drawls of almost western rock guitars amid electronic sounds feel mysterious like you need to run away from something (or someone) and not look back. The framework is cinematic but at the center is Guess' vocal performance that runs the gamut from low (dead serious) and sultry to higher registers of emotion and passion.

At 12 years her family moved to Las Vegas, a world away from Calgary. The years would find her later in cover bands and even as a singing gondolier at the Venetian Hotel while in high school. Of her current craft Guess says,  “I like peeling back layers that you don’t even know are there, to unlock something real. When I’m singing or writing, It goes deep. You’re letting out your deepest most private and sometimes darkest stories and emotions, even though it’s a healing experience, it can be heavy letting those things out.”

Robb Donker

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