Sunday, May 27, 2018

ATM out of Sweden- their love for trashy indie R & B and the track "One Touch"

The track One Touch is the first record of Swedish producers / songwriters Henrik Jonzon and Per Eklund who collectively have writen and produced global artist like Sigrid (No), Alesssia Cara (US), Rebecca and Fiona (SE) and Killian & Jo (DE). The have a love for trashy indie R & B and as ATM strike chords together. One Touch goes down easy with a beat everyone can shimy and shake too. The vocal performance is a "friend" out of London who for now wants to remain nameless which is kind of driving me crazy because she sounds so familiar. Her comely performance is flawless. Of ATM as a project / musical entity the boys say:

“This project is dedicated to the joy and spontaneity that music is, can and should be. We’re here to create a space of limitless possibilities, ideas, collaborations and friendships. One of our good friends from London lent her badass vocals to ‘One Touch’, and we plan on collaborating with a variety of interesting musicians and artists as we go. For a lot of people ATM obviously stands for ‘at the moment’, and our one and only plan is to do what we feel like in the moment. Our neon blue camel logo is as random as our minds, and that randomness and playful vibe will hopefully also be reflected in our sound and in the choice of collaborators.”
Robb Donker

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