Monday, May 28, 2018

"Black Rabbit" by Cedric Warner Sparkman lives in it's own Glam Galaxy

The track Black Rabbit by Cedric Warner Sparkman has a long production arc, in fact, it was percolating in Sparkman's head over five years ago and in true avant garde fashion the last third of the song was written first with creative co-hort Jason S. Matuskiewicz in April of 2013. The poetry contained in the song stems from improvisational streams and has more to do with words sounding good together than necessarily meaning anything although in my mind all lyrics mean something to someone. A full three years later the first section took shape at the behest of the electric drum kit that Sparkman had sitting around. Ultimately, the framework was glam... mindful or subconscious nods to Bowie and T-Rex opting for a more spartan spatial sound than tons of layering.

There is a decidedly live club sound. Sparkman's vocal performance has proto punk tones and there is an appropriate 80's artifice to the vocal posturing. The song is dressed up with peg leg pants and glitter dashed on faces. 
Robb Donker

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