Saturday, May 19, 2018

Chow Chow Mandy - "Lower Than Atlantis" feels like Shiny Future Punk (to me)

Chow Chow Mandy is a self described electro rock duo who spend time between London and Los Angeles but my Facebook stalking seems to indicate they are mostly hubbed out of the UK. Now don't chastise me for poking around and delving into the Facebook profiles of Victoria Sans and Austin Danson. How could I not. They seem to use themselves as art pieces and live the life so to speak. This all translates into their collective alter egos as Chow Chow Mandy which distills down to their cagey engaging post punk electro rock (yes I will drink that kool aid) sound which is part perfectly crafted as all electronic sound must be but very, very feral sounding too. I like this collision of patterns and craft and wtf is going to happen next. Feels like shiny future punk to me.

The track Lower Than Atlantis (who is Evan?) with Victoria Sans' shifting vocal sounds (from intimate to radio waves) feels like a clusterf.... of late 70's proto punk, mid 80s new wave, 90's Brit electronic dance wave and more-- into this kind of (say it again) shiny future punk and yes electro rock.  The chorus explodes into something I love very much.
Robb Donker

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