Saturday, May 26, 2018

Hungry Lake and their big psychedelic folk rock sound cuts a big swath in "Out of Line"

Hungry Lake are out of Toronto and their track Out Of Line from their upcoming album of the same name has a vast big indie rock sound for a self described psychedelic folk rock band. The bottom heavy groove is cut deep and guitar sounds ebb and flow and crescendo in big walls of sound and ambiance. There are touches of California garden rock and as I listened to the cool double guitar lead breaks I thought of surfing in Northern California amid big breaks and fog rolling in at Big Sur. The dimension to the sound is so amazing.
-Robb Donker


Hungry Lake are a psychedelic folk-rock band from Toronto. Meeting at Seneca’s Independent Music Program in 2008, founding members Joe Thomas and Ryan Webb formed the Lake’s first incarnation.  The band’s songwriting has grown more progressive in recent years with the addition of drummer Josh Park and bassist/keyboardist Greg Markov.  Focusing on arrangements and recording, the four cut their teeth on their self released debut album The Overpass (2015), followed by two EPs Raccoon (2017) and Out of Line (Spring 2018).  Swirling guitars and enormous walls of sound are met with folk sensibilities to bring Hungry Lake’s sad stadium rock to the stage with force.  Plans for 2018 see the band embarking on a national tour to bring their upcoming full-length album New Destruction (Fall 2018) to festivals and smaller communities with an intense and dynamic live show.  

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