Monday, May 28, 2018

Jethro Pickett sings of "Lorelei" from the "France" album

Jethro Pickett has wanderlust in his heart (or so it seems). His latest album "France" was written and recorded between Dublin, London and his Yikesville studio in Melbourne. His sound is alt folk filtered through a kind of 60's toned psychedelia with retro Brit pop sounds too. Classic and beautiful but with indie rock bones. The four piece band that backs him when playing live is the wonderful Avant Gardai which sounds like it could be the name of the next Wes Anderson film.

Listen to the somber strains of Lorelei and moments after the song begins the chord ascends in an elegant and later the progression stair steps down. The song opens up and turns on a dime and becomes intimate. It soars as a lovely musical break embraces you. The glue that holds all this together is, of course, Jethro Picketts earnest somewhat sad vocal performance that is right there over our shoulders.

Visit the JP website. It is chalked full of goodies. "France" is available on vinyl, CD and digital platforms.
Robb Donker

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