Thursday, June 28, 2018

Edwin - Do yourself a favor and get lost in the EP- "You Have No Idea Man" - (highlighted track) "Uncontrollable Pride"

Cool and easy guitar rhythms and pearly sounding keys. That is how
Uncontrollable Pride from Edwin's  EP "You Have No Idea Man" starts easing into your brain. Drums and bass and guitar lines fall into place and then the exuberant yelp, "oooowww" and the hook is already in your mouth.

Edwin is Jacob and Matthew Boll, two brothers existing on two coasts creating cool songs, telling stories in personal ways. I am not sure who handles the lead vocals (I suspect both)  but I love them. You either feel connected to a singer or you don't and when I listen the melodies contained in Edwin's songs they speak to me. Uncontrollable like the other tracks on the EP is bolstered by interesting and just plain goddamn beautiful and emotional guitar and piano work. Get under the lush covers of Let's Both Agree. Drink a stiff drink and remember a loved one who is far away while you listen to Waiting and dream of fog rolling through the trees of Big Sur while embraced by I've Only Gone.
Robb Donker

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