Saturday, June 30, 2018

Flaccid Ashbacks - lovely admissions and sadistic leanings on "It's Your Birthday" from the "Hark!" album

The boys askew from New York are back. Flaccid Ashbacks whose roots are from Middletown, Connecticut make cool indie / post punk sounds that blend elements of tropical punk with jangly proto punk sounds presented in this kind of tongue and cheek- oh gosh meets bent and twisted. Don't worry, it is in the end this kind of charming, angsty, self deprecating stuff of youth and growing up (yes I said this in the first review but it is worth repeating).

What I like about Flaccid Ashbacks is the wide dynamic range they bring to the table. They can be in this kind of chill Mac DeMarco meets the Buttertones kind of vibe and instantly erupt into a bit of Pere Ubu on meth musical insanity like their meds wore off too soon. I love this unpredictability and originality. The lead vox are so cheeky too like a carnival provocateur. On the track It's Your Birthday from their divisive and oh so cool "Hark" album he croons lovely admissions and sadistic leanings in the same breath. ALL figuratively speaking.

Robb Donker

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