Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Isak Thomas and The Stoop Boys on the EP "Harvard Ave" spin soulful sounds on "The B-Line"

Isak Thomas and The Stoop Boys is the moniker of singer-songwriter Isak Kotecki and a collection of Boston based musicians. On their EP "Harvard Ave" they cut deep grooves blending flavors of R&B and soul and alt folk but all in an earthy way pushing their aesthetic through filters feeling like something out of the American songbook. You can feel touches of jazz, gospel and porch blues peppered throughout.

On the track The B-Line Isak trades crooning lines with Madeleine Rosenthal and the spaces in between beats hold as much sway as the lilt of the guitar, the spicy bass and chill drums. The result is sultry, cool and embracing.

Check out the treasures on "Harvard Ave"as the collection of songs take you on what feels like a cinematic trip. The last track Blue Skies Below is dreamy, stark, somewhat sad and sprinkled with everlasting hope like a good lived life itself.

Robb Donker

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