Sunday, June 3, 2018

Niki Moss pushes all the right buttons on the track "Soylent Green"

"Soylent green is people!"  Ok, now that I got that out of the way. Coming to us from Portugal, the track Soylent Green from Niki Moss, the moniker for Miguel Vilhena, a multi-instrumentalist, producer, lead vocalist for the psychedelic rock band Savana and founder for the record label Pontiaq is so sickly crafted that it is hard, so very hard to believe this is all one talented guy. Thematically, aesthetically it is part kind of indie pop pushed through slight tropical punk flavors and then metamorphosizes into electronic pop pushed through a faint tone of trip hop. Very faint like the trip hop is a puff of perfume and Moss just walked through it. How ever you want to describe it, it is cool and fun and makes me want to meet Vilhena, sit at his feet and see how he does what he does.

Soylent Green is the first single of what will be Niki Moss' debut album to be released later this year (2018).
Robb Donker

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