Monday, June 25, 2018

Welcome to the church of Of The Valley - see the Official Video for the beautifully heavy "Quiet and Curious"

From the first glimpses of sounds you hear on Quiet and Curious you feel a reverent heaviness. Fragments of ambient and synths give way to a beat. The bass thump and accent feels like a chorus of worshipers stomping on an old wooden floor and clapping in unison in an old dark church. The man telling his story, giving his scripture is singer songwriter Brian DellaValle and as Of The Valley he spins tall personal folk tales.

On Quite and Curious his vocal style is conversational and very intimate as if he is talking / singing to you at arms length. His art folk feels gospel like and the deep wealth of lyrical content is part of the somber beautiful heaviness he expresses. I found myself listening so many times feeling each world and each inflection as DellaValle waxes poetic. The passages feel like disparate parts of a story, as remembrances.

"with a matchstick and a white candle... the room lights, grows yellow... this place between the metal and the bloom.... I slept on the stairs last night... awoke to the sight of my body... in the shape its in unbalanced but strong"

The official video feels internal and shot in a dreamy way imagined as a Film by Ina Lindgeen and shot beautifully by Thomas Jessen. Brian DellaValle is a Canadian native and long time Copenhagen resident and as Of The Valley released his self titled debut early this year with German Label Backseat.
Robb Donker

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