Saturday, June 2, 2018

Your Dream Coat from Brooklyn - "People Like You" is a rare thing

Your Dream Coat's debut single People Like You feels like it starts with some trepidation like the first step on the long path across a crowded dance floor to ask that one person to dance or the measured feel of your fingers on your guitar strings finding that first position before that first strum during an important show. Maybe I am just sensing it but it doesn't matter because after one breath in, the song finds it's stride right away. Soon you are falling headfirst into a somber but earnest indie rock song pushed through kind of Brit pop filters. The vocal performance is intimate, upfront, starkly real and present... and free of sonic filters or reverb even. The result is something truly romantic and embracing. Rare these day. A gem to hold close to your heart.

Your Dream Coat hails from Brooklyn, NY and are Alain Paradis, Paige Jordan, Miguel Gallego.
Robb Donker

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