Friday, July 6, 2018

Big Band - big punk sound on the album "Options" - featured "Look Away" and "Itch"

Big Band is from Brooklyn, New York and they just released their album "Options" produced by Connor Hanwick from the Drums.
The single Look Away has a big punk hazy guitar sound with a shifty drunken beat and Chris D'Alessandro's delicious lumbering vocals.

While this is not an album review. Holy hell, as I peruse through the other songs there is so much to love. The aesthetic modulates somewhere between The Dead Kennedys and She Wants Revenge. Yes, I know that is a wide spectrum of sound. A lot happening on this record. I mean I need to share Itch too. Me and this record are going to get intimate later.

Big Band is the aforementioned Chris D'Alessandro (guitar, vox), Pele Uriel (bass, synth, guitar) and Joseph Bellantuono (synth, guitar bass).

Robb Donker


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