Sunday, July 1, 2018

Fashion Jackson-- so much to love- "Honey" slips into the pleasure center's of you brain

Fashion Jackson hail from Ocean Beach, California but are currently hubbed out of San Diego. Their track Honey slyly, coyly slips into the pleasure centers of your brain. 
Those parts of your brain will make your eyes widen and manipulate your mouth into a drunken smile. First of all it's got R & B guitar stuffed into the post punk psychedelic sound, a deliciously cool vibe bass line and explosive rock guitar erupting throughout. All the while the vox shines with talky and very cool singing spots pushed through electronic filters. High background vocals bolster the sound and the lyrics are sticky, sweet and oh so interesting. Surprises around every musical corner.

Damn. So much too love.

Robb Donker 

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