Sunday, July 15, 2018

George Hadfield:: Hear the synthy, funky, deep groove title track off of the "Brenda" album

I don't think any one will ever write a song called Robbert. Minneapolis songwriter / multi-instrumentalist George Hadfield has, in fact, written an album entitled "Brenda" and the title track is an R & B, groovy pop, electronic synthy hybrid that is thoroughly engaging in all it's cagey post punk funkadeliciousness. Truly... no lie.

For your information: 

The "Brenda" album is something you want to hear. Listen to Wolf below as well.  Here are some details about the album:

All songs written, produced and recorded by George, Hadfield, Danny O'Brien, Garrett Neal, Stefon "Bionik" Taylor.

George Hadfield (vox, bass, synthesizers, drum machines),
Garrett Neal (synthesizers)
Alexander Young (drums), John Hadfield (piano an trumpet). 
Robb Donker 

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