Monday, July 23, 2018

Heavenalive - wraps around you - see Official Video for "22 Years"

Heavenalive is the musical moniker / project of LA. multi-faceted film maker / writer / producer Aaron Silverstein. His third single 22 Years feels airy and heavy at the same time moving on a deceptively addictive bass line. Voices and ambient sounds filtered through electronica weave around a percussive beat. A slow burn guitar line feels like it is holding back impending blows as Silverstein's vox push through in a huge way. He carries his emotion in the back of his throat like clenched fists until he let's it all out in a full declarative in your face assault. 

The official video directed by Silverstein is a cool mixed media affair featuring Tray Roundree (who also acted as chorographer).

Robb Donker

HEAVENALIVE - 22 Years [Official Video] from Aaron Silverstein on Vimeo.

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