Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Kill Joy - potent alt folk pushed through post punk filters - on the EP "Sex Comedy"

Kill Joy hails from Washington DC via Auckland, New Zealand and the track Valentine's Day from her just released EP "Sex Comedy" is an acoustic indie rocker built around potent acoustic guitar poised right on top of the microphone so closely that it becomes both instrumentation and percussion (and I love that). Even though there is jangly electric guitar and added beats it is that aggressive acoustic guitar and Kill Joy's evocative vocals that propel the track forward from the very start. K-Joy's influences are noted as Joni Mitchell and Sheryl Crow and while that is perfectly fair, to me I would say Joni Mitchell and Fiona Apple. In fact, I feel a strong Apple vibe on the track Not So Well and lyrically there is even that twist the knife aesthetic.  The vocals on this EP with support by her own background vox are so exquisitely engaging. I love this woman's voice so much and love her singing style. Turn the track Sun up loud, as loud as you can take it. Acoustic or not, it is the EP's heavy kind of post punk rocker. Kill Joy's vocal flourishes sound so damn good because they are dripping with emotion. The only thing wrong with "Sex Comedy" is that is so short. It does, though serve as this kind of sonic appetizer leaving you so hungry for more of this woman's art.  Well done.

Robb Donker

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