Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Lenny Zenith - trans punk artist still making waves on "Suddenly Someone" from the "What If The Sun" album

Suddenly Someone from the album "What If The Sun" by trans punk art rocker Lenny Zenith pulsates with a kind of late 70's proto punk meets 80's new wave with deep pop hooks around the edges. If I have to cast out one respectful critique it is that the song ends much too soon. Still absolutely love the aesthetic here.

Zenith's three decade career as a trans punk artist is an inspiring one. Fronting punk band RZA in the early 80's who opened for the likes of U2, The Replacements, Iggy Pop, XTC, Gun Club, X and more as well as fronting the acclaimed noise-pop band Jenifer Convertible in New York in the 90's (James Murphy recorded three of their songs at DFA's original Plantain Studios (pre-LCD Soundsystem!), which were released as the bands' Car Song 7 inchZenith has been able to shape shift as an artist while shifting attitudes in the process. 

Check out Zenith's solo full length "What If The Sun" and a memoir "Before I Was Me" is in the works. 

This man does not stop.


Robb Donker

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