Sunday, July 8, 2018

Maps Of - New York collaboration on "Maps Of The Invisible City" art rock from alt folk footings

All The Right Sounds by New York based Maps Of feels like colors of sound cast from a prism twisting on a string. Pearly crisscrossing guitars, rapid elusive bass lines, changing time signatures, raw alt folkish vox that will fall head first into jammy proggy bursts of sound. The turn from alt folk footings to more art rock flavors happens throughout the seven track album "Maps Of The Invisible City." These different approaches is what makes the record so engaging. Different artistic visions coalesced into one by three artists. Maps Of centers around singer songwriter Nick Perlman (lead vox / guitar) and his collaboration with Andy Porta (drums) and Seth Nicholson (bass). Fall into the emotional musical fray of All The Right Sounds and Anything At all and then discover the rest.

Robb Donker

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