Monday, July 9, 2018

Ocean Potion - pushing sounds you want to hear in "In The Grass" (Official Video)

In The Grass by Ocean Potion (Canada) has synth sounds that feel other worldly and whispery self aware vox that feel almost child like, dreamy sounds pushing vintage sci-fi buttons which itself is just so fascinating (I love old imaginings of the future). The kind of drums / bass / guitar / spacey synth sounds as a sort of twisted orchestra is magnetic. The result, to me feels like something between MGMT and /or Unknown Mortal Orchestra and /or Flaming Lips and / or  Caandides but thoroughly in the end their own self.... (want to make that clear). 

I am in love with this song and Ocean Potion's aesthetic here. OP is a new band made up of a member from Yukon Blonde and a member of fellow Canadian rock band Zeus. The official video for In The Grass is a trip. Most likely mined public domain footage (or PSA) and I have so many questions to ask about it but for now I will just keep that all to myself and enjoy Ocean Potion's sounds.


Robb Donker

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