Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Swimwear Department - swim into the dance punk of "Submarine"

I like artists who have a strong focus. The band Swimwear Department out of Houston, Texas solely writes about shopping malls and swimming pools and all the ancillary things around those entities. In fact, their track Submarine is about (in the bands words) "this one is all about Joanne's swimming suit" and it is as simple as that. The track itself has a kind of down and dirty dance punk sound with an infectious organ sound and Matt Graham's punk gymnastic like vox that fills in the spaces between the cool bass and drum lines that I really love. Swimwear Department is finished out by Ned Gayle (bass), Jack Gordon (drums) and Jeremy Grisbee (keys).

Robb Donker

1 comment:

  1. The swimwear band? I never heard of it. Let me listen to their songs, the Submarine sounds awesome though. I was just looking for swimsuits and look what I found, haha.

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