Thursday, July 5, 2018

The Amber Unit - 2018 "Fear No Giant" Album is worth the wait - hear "Nebula" and "Brother"

Switzerland's The Amber Unit has been in the musical fray for two decades. Their last album "While You Started A Revolution - We Started Love in 2011 left critics and audiences wanting more. Six years have past and Nebula from their 2018 album "Fear No Giant" seems appropriate. As ambient noises and transient guitar layers fill your senses heavy bass and drums drive the song forward. Victor Hofstetter's sultry self aware vocal performance pulls you fully in. The theme of rebuilding is the mantra for a band who are made up of survivors.

The Amber Unit is Victor Hofstetter (vocals / guitar), Stevie Fiedler (guitar /keys), Yves Neuhaus (guitar, violin /keys), Emanuel Speiser (drums) and Christoph Meneghetti (bass / guitar).

Robb Donker


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