Sunday, August 26, 2018

"Anything" from Caleb Kopta's rock album "Burning House" - wanderlust, young glint in the eye hope and restlessness

There are a lot of trends in music and people who jump on them and then there is just Americana rock and roll that since it's inception (one can argue about it's glorious birth date) has been a constant and will be around forever. Caleb Kopta is from Cochranton, PA and crafts that kind of rock, that kind of earnest sound that is not pushed through filters and, in fact, the description on his Facebook simple says Rock. No need for genre's like post punk, punk, indie rock, surf rock, noise rock, garage rock, Kraut rock just good ole' fucking Rock and there is something refreshing about that.

The track Anything from the "Burning House" album with it's upfront drums and big room vocal sound feels like an anthem from the beginning and then classic sounds wrap around the starkness at it's core. You get a sense of classic artists like Springsteen, Bryan Adams and more current bands like Bleachers who have adopted this type of Americana rock and pop sound as well. The song bristles with wanderlust, young glint in the eye hope and restlessness. Best listened to in a white T shirt and Levis with holes in them.

Robb Donker

Listen to “Burning House” here:

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