Sunday, August 5, 2018

Dead Sullivan's album "Season" the matter in the universe many of us have long lost

Dead Sullivan is a musical outfit surrounding or incarnation (of) one Boone Parello out of Denton, Texas. I expect the latter but really don't know because I just discovered this musical gem /crush and he or they are just a mystery to me. Dead Sullivan's latest offering is an album called "Season" and the aesthetic is intimate somewhat lo-fi bedroom somber pop that will illicit comparisons to the likes of Alex G. and Elliot Smith. Those are valid although I feel a sense of more experimentation with Parello and I thought more of Sparklehorse and maybe an embryonic strain of music in the Jason Lytle or Radiohead vein even. I could see Parello's simple sometimes obtuse concepts getting bigger in the future. Of course, I can be totally wrong or maybe I am just selfishly hoping and besides what he is doing is pretty perfect as it is here on this album. The 13 brief tracks while wonderfully spartan are varied. Many seem to flutter away before you can fully take them in like a butterfly you don't have time to study but they all contain a wonderful beauty with a pantina of that specific part of youth that feels everything intensely without having grown the armour needed to withstand what life doles out. The 8th track Drive feels the most like a band and maybe the most poised as (in a strange sort of way) a pop song. The cadence feels like a teenage zombie and the guitar mirroring the vox and then going sideways is so compelling. I hope you listen to the album from start to finish. The songs seem to melt into each other so nicely. 

Robb Donker

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