Saturday, August 4, 2018

Grizzly Budha rocking back to the garden on "Simple World" from the album "It'll Be Too Late When You're Dead"

Simple World by Grizzly Budha feels like 70's garden rock inspired sounds. There are big crescendos of glam painted psychedelia wrapped around what just feels like hippie rock for lack of a better term. The melodies are hooky and the big walls of sound are intoxicating. In some ways it feels like Grizzly Budha is guzzling the same retro inspired Kool-Aid that artists like Ty Segall and Sic Alps have been drinking from. I likee. 

Grizzly Buddha is a musical project supported by a community of musicians, which started with Brandan Pineda and Nick Moya. Look out for their new album "It'll Be Too Late When You're Dead" on Spotify and other digital platforms. 

Robb Donker

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