Sunday, August 26, 2018

Moontwin and the comely heaviness of "Lose You"

Moontwin never ceases to amaze me. Singer- songwriter Maple Bee (aka Melanie Garside) and XRadydio founder Zac Kusmanov craft these delicious sounds from different galaxies (well not quite but between Bulgaria and London) and the result (from past posts here and here) have been so engaging eliciting descriptions like "feral porch blues" and "barbed wire and blooming flowers existing together" as they cast out sounds with heavy post punk influences in kind of gothic rock ways (filtering Baroque pop and art rock) in such interesting ways. On the track Lose You they shape shift once again. The use of more traditional keys (in nontraditional ways) feels vast and dreamy and more pop. There is a deep sultry groove, hints of funkiness too amid the comely melodies. Slow burn sexiness in that Bowie vein. Lose You gives a decidedly new meaning to bedroom pop. 

Robb Donker

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