Sunday, August 19, 2018

New York's Wet Leather and the audaciously cagey "Party"

Wet Leather out of New York call their brand of sounds "anxiety pop" which is perfectly fine. I don't care what anyone calls it but if the track Party is any indication at all of their overall sound I must say it is just wildly audaciously "good" in so many, man ways. This is a band that I will check out more and a band who I would love to talk to about influences because Party has such a rich multi era sound.

From the onset it feels extremely self aware and cagey in an art rock kind of way. The open spaces in the verses are golden and then when the big chorus comes in... HOLY fuck- the aesthetic feels like late 80's new wave meets dance pop meets Britpop. To top it off the bridge dives headfirst into this art rock / punk thing and the lead is superchunky fucking good. I love this blendo aesthetic and the wild abandon aesthetic taken here. Great vox. Holy fuck indeed.


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