Saturday, August 18, 2018

"Shadowland" by Montreal artist Baby Fuzz is a self protest song

Shadowland by Montreal artist Baby Fuzz is one of those songs that embraces you from the beginning but then starts holding you tighter. When singer songwriter Sterling Fox starts belting out the words passionately it feels like a cry for help. When audience screams are filtered into the mix it feels like art theater and whether those screams are directly tied to the song or an effect it works. Baby Fuzz aka Sterling Fox says that the song is a protest song but he is protesting against himself after moving back to the US from Canada as he says: 

 "In 2017 I moved to Canada for a year. Eventually, my passport ran out and I came back to the US. 'Shadowland' is a protest song about myself. I'm protesting my hypocrisy, my lack of empathy, my greed, my loneliness, and my complicitness to everything my taxes go toward. It's easy to protest other people or institutions. Look in the mirror and protest yourself. That's 'Shadowland.'"

Robb Donker

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