Friday, August 17, 2018

Visc waxes poetic about Internet Trolls on "Merciless"

Feelings are sometimes hard to define and when I listen to the track Merciless by Visc that bounds like a Samurai horseman with sword raised my eyebrow raises and the sides of my lips edge up into a quizzical smile. Merciless is about "the relationship between an Internet troll and their revenge seeking prey" and between the addictive opening lead licks riding on a galloping beat and Visc's (the moniker of one Dylan Fellows) smooth vocal performance there is something off and ultimately unique about this whole aesthetic. At least, to me, it feels like art punk run through a pop filter with poetic lyrics that run dark but the darkness is hidden just like that Internet troll. The result feel almost kitschy in a sort of really good way. To me Fellows looks at the world with equal parts cynicism and romance (yes, romance) and I like it.

Robb Donker

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