Sunday, September 30, 2018

"Bloodshot Eyes" by Boston based Helenor is a super dreamy marriage of 808's, slide guitar and that voice

Bloodshot Eyes by Helenor (the moniker for Boston based visual artist David DiAngelis) starts off in an unpredictable way. It sputters and pops on lead guitar seemingly about to veer into an erratic lead and then suddenly it falls into this kind of dreamy whirlwind of slide guitars and beats and as Diangelis puts it "it's a marriage of 808's + Slide Guitars." About it's meaning he adds "This song is inspired by the current state of empathy / politics in this country (USA). Lyrically running with the idea that hate can settle in a rug like dust and isn't visible until it's shaken up to only then be dealt with."

I have to say that I am totally enamored with the sound on this song and while the production shines in an abstract way, at it's core, it is the melodies that shine through. This track would work just as well with two guitars, slapping the beat on a bucket and DiAngelis's evocative vocals. When he hits the higher registers and adds that passionate strain it is heavenly. DiAngelis provides vocals, electric guitar, bass, slide guitar, acoustic guitar, synth and Fender Rhodes. Drums were provided by Seth Kasper (Mass Gothic, Christopher Owens, Hooray for Earth, Wild Light, Air Traffic Controller) and also co-produced. I love this. Love it a lot. 

Robb Donker

Selected Press Notes:
The debut LP “Something Twice” was produced and recorded at DiAngelis's home studio over the greater part of 2017.  Full LP scheduled for release Fall 2018.

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