Saturday, September 29, 2018

Don Babylon- intoxicated garage rock of "Lose Sometimes" from the beautifully brash "Foul" album

The song Lose Sometimes from Don Babylon's latest album "Foul" is big brash rock steeped in both classic rock, garage rock, and post punk tones (is that a homage to Cream I am hearing?) Lead vocalist and guitarist Aubrey Neeley has the ferocity of Iggy Pop on one hand and on the other the intoxicated swagger of Jim Morrison. I dig his vocal performance a lot on Lose Sometimes but he can shape shift a bit too. He can get post punk croony like on the tropical punkish track Bedsheets or hits tones in between folk and country rock on the Americana roots rock of Hopeless Man. Drummer David Gaither keeps heavy (love that) hands throughout and bottom heavy bassist (and second vocalist) Leland Bickford always cuts the deepest grooves and both rock on the roman numeral rich tracks Mean Streets II and Mach III (which feels like a heavier Drums song). This was not meant to be an album review but suffice it to say "Foul" is a great piece of work. Don Babylon is based out of Philadelphia, PA by way of Richmond, Virginia.

Robb Donker

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