Sunday, September 30, 2018

"Frosty Mountain" by Atlanta's Kindred Hollow is alternative folk that rocks in progressive ways

Kindred Hollow from Atlanta, Georgia feel (to me) like an alt folk anomaly. The title of the track Frosty Mountain while viewing a pic of the band in all their country demure aesthetic would prepare you for an acoustic based intimate country song ala Dolly Parton or folk rock (pop) of the (much played out sound of the) Lumineers but no. Frosty Mountain is not your average alt folk song or even folk rock song. Frosty Mountain, in fact, sounds like the kind of song that Hayley Williams (Paramore) might pen if she was an alt folk rock artist. Kindred Hollow presents this alt folk rock song as a kind of prog alt folk rock song. From the onset there is that bit of dissonance in the syncopated guitar rhythm. Then behind Katie Morgan's formidable crystal clear vox there is some stunning guitar work that if played full on electric and dirtied up would sound like prog rock personified. The attack from the drums, bass lines and somber violins veer the song into dark almost goth rock places. Yes, mommy, we are no longer in your average folk rock Kansas or Georgia anymore. Frosty Mountain is a refreshing departure from a lot of alt folk musical tropes (like that overused work boots thumping on floor boards or kick drum thump that so many folk bands are so enamored with). Rock on guys. Kindred Hollow are Johnny Morgan (guitar, vox) Taylor Ronnie (guitar, vox), Katie Morgan (vocals), Shaun-Ray Peart (Guitars) and Jared Przybysz (bass, keys).

Frosty Mountain is from the band's "Stories You'll Tell" album. Written by Katie Morgan- additional players include Nic Guptill on drums and strings by Peyton Rushing.

Robb Donker

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