Saturday, September 8, 2018

Gabrielle Marlena- pretty barbed revelations on "Sorry, I Ever Fucked You" OFFICIAL VIDEO

Evocative and compelling, full of small and large reflections, Gabrielle Marlena is based out of Brooklyn, New York and as I reported a while back her most recent EP "Easier Love" feels less like an alt folk songs than confessionals, like passages in a diary or intimate text messages between her and those who are close to her or not close anymore. The brutally honest track Sorry, I Ever Fucked You is at once so personal but also surprisingly relatable for any of us who have given all of ourselves to someone and maybe (in the end) regretted doing so. The song and video moves as a cascading series of things that have happened between two people. Somber prose falling down stairs as the bouncy chorus captivates melodically with barbed words. You will undoubtedly smile when you hear the song, watch the video and at the conclusion say "Fuck Yeah!."

Robb Donker

Filmed and Edited by Tom Gorelik Art Direction by Haele Wolf Produced by Nina Wollberg Featuring Joel Alexander Music and Lyrics Written by Gabrielle Marlena Produced and Mixed by Katie Buchanan Mastered by Doug Schadt Copyright 2018 Gabrielle Marlena

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