Sunday, September 16, 2018

Gringo Star pumps out deep post punk psyche rock hooks in "Back To The City"

Gringo Star's latest single (and title track of their 5th album) Back To The City begins with a kick heavy drum beat and syncopated punchy dirty guitar pumping out a G# E B F# prog that sounds as comfortable as it sounds ultra cool. When a kind of sleepy aloof (almost barbiturate laden) vocal performance floats on top you will be fully invested, fully hooked in and start to head bop. The iconic Atlanta based band recorded, self-produced and mixed at Peter Furgiule's (vocals, guitar, keys, percussion) ATL Studio 234. Brother Nick Furgiule (vocals, bass, guitar, percussion) says: "Of all the songs on the album, this one felt the most collaborative." Peter adds, We thought it was a really suiting title for the current culture we live in. There’s been a huge ‘migration’ in U.S. cities from the suburbs back to the city.” The band is rounded out by Josh Longino (guitar, bass), and Mario Colangelo (drums).

Robb Donker

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