Thursday, September 13, 2018

He Arrived By Helicopter spins on art rock axes on "Hemoglobin" from "The Shiny Hostel" album

When you listen to Hemoglobin by the art rock outfit He Arrived by Helicopter it sounds kind of fantastical like a sound track to Alice in Wonderland or the hyper reality of the 1939 Wizard of Oz movie or maybe watching that movie with the sound turned down, slightly intoxicated and listening to Pink Floyd or Pavement or He Arrived by Helicopter. This abstract artistic vision is the brain child of songwriter Christian Gibbs (aka C. Gibbs, Lucinda Black Bear) and while the exact time the idea was birthed is unknown it happened sometime in 2016 when he left NYC for more reclusive digs in the Western Catskills to get away from performing and create something all by himself mostly as embryonic instrumental shapes of all sizes to be flushed out later. Gibbs recorded in his humble dwelling near Bethel Woods where the original Woodstock took place. Trading time between this place and his Brooklyn apartment made for some interesting recordings. From country to city there may be the ambiance of birds chirping or chainsaws rattling. Some things happened as they should in instants of time and improvisation and in the end a full fledged debut album somehow happened and is due to release tomorrow. It is called "The Shiny Hostel" released on cassette format via Very Special Recordings and on vinyl via Eastern Spurs. While this all started as a side project, as fate would have it, Gibbs worked with old band members Matt Brandau, Tim Kuhl (Sean Lennon, Margaret Glaspy), Philp Sterk (Black Lillies) on the 7.5 minute epic title track "He Arrived By Helicopter."

Robb Donker

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