Sunday, September 23, 2018

Nick Ferrio and the inspired "How Will I Know" rides on a wanderlust beat from the "Have A Nice Day" Album

How Will I Know by singer songwriter Nick Ferrio (and from his upcoming album "Have A Nice Day") is a sprite indie rocker riding on a runaway wanderlusty beat while guitar lines mirror Ferrio's melodic bounce. His vocal performance feels like Americana amped up alt folk but in an inspired way, the cadence and pop is full of hope and fun even. The album is deeply personal reflecting on Ferrio being a new parent, his mental health and life on the road as a touring musician. Of the track, How Will I Know, he says, 

"‘How Will I Know’ is a philosophical song; it’s about my relationship with music and thinking about why I’m drawn to make it, especially in today’s day and age, with the music industry changing. We’ve all heard over and over again about how the music industry is in the pits and how culturally music isn’t as valuable as it once was. I guess the nagging question in this song is, is music still worth something? The answer to that is yes. Music has the power to transform, to give meaning, to create connection, to make change. Ultimately, music is powerful. And because of that, music will survive whatever happens to the music industry."

Nick Ferrio is based out of Canada and "Have A Nice Day" drops on September 28th.

Robb Donker

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