Saturday, September 15, 2018

The 5 track EP by I, Aeronaut - "All Those Bright Natures Adorned In Our Prime" is as unique as it is beautiful. Like a stunning musical cyborg.

The 5 track EP "All Those Bright Natures Adorned In Our Prime" by I, Aeronaut (the moniker of Isaac Lomeli) is like a stunning musical cyborg. It is a dreamy organic mix of guitars, piano and Lomeli's pristine pure and somber vocal performance pushed through electronic manipulations. Produced so very well sometimes sounds colliding in a heady fog like dreamy shoe gaze (like on Occupying Such Pressure Spheres For Such A Brief Moment) or beats and guitar notes on the edge of dissonance like a mantra with beautiful pained vocals on More Important Things or on God's Safe, Breaking From It's Work which runs on a deep little groove until beats fall apart and come back together, deconstructed, taped back together with broken and then different time signatures and hints of Thom York-ianisms. Then take the beautiful Disconnect, But Incompletely which musically has this kind of Americana folk thing happening amidst deep dreamy synths. Images and music textures blend all together in such a provocative way. Oh, and Lomeli wrote, recorded and produced it all. Fucking love this man. Fucking love this. 

Robb Donker

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