Monday, September 17, 2018

The Arrogant Afterglow- multi-flavored big bad rock collabed from around the world - hear "Admission"

The Arrogant Afterglow are Loredana Ribera and Nathaniel Sokoll-Ward who write, record and produce their music apart from each other collaborating from different corners of the world from disparate locations like Bali, Doha, Melbourne, Seattle and Lisbon. 

From their website:

Nathaniel posted Craigslist ads to 60 music hubs around the world looking for a vocalist to team up with. Hundreds of responses and a handful of dick-pics later, he connected with Loredana on the Seattle Craigslist. Aside from being a kick-ass singer, Loredana was an experienced multi-instrumentalist and accomplished producer. 

Loredana and Nathaniel began writing music together as The Arrogant Afterglow in early 2018. The first single, Admission, dropped on September 14, 2018. Their debut EP ships late 2018.

Their debut single Admission while possessing post punk leanings is also very much a straight rocker with heavy metal /alternative rock bones. Loredana has the vocal prowess to get big and headbangingly bad and the agressive lead guitar work works well with any hard rock genre. I look forward to hearing more from these two. Rock on.

Robb Donker

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