Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Little Miss - stripped bare on "Take Me, Too" feels like a folk hymn

Take Me, Too by The Little Miss (moniker of singer songwriter Hayley Johnson) is an emotional folk ballad that, at times, feels like a gospel hymn. Spartan, forged on a somber organ and Johnson's earthy vocal tones. Take Me, Too is from her forthcoming "American Dream" EP and, of the ballad, she says- 

"I wrote 'Take Me, Too' shortly after moving to Los Angeles to pursue music. The weight of my pursuit was crushing. I knew two people, I couldn't find a steady job and I didn't know where to begin. More than anything, I wanted to jump ahead to the place in my story that said, 'and she lived happily ever after.' I didn't want to do the leg work, stumble through awkward open mic nights or do anything that challenged me or my sense of self. This month, it'll be five years since I moved and I'm so grateful for the fact that I couldn't jump ahead. So, while I had wanted more than anything to wish my time away, I'm so glad now that I couldn't."

The Little Miss sometimes crafts music with a blend of her acerbic wit twisting in a wink and smile with social commentary (hidden or revealed) but Take Me, Too feels to me to be utterly raw with little window dressing and I love that. 

Robb Donker 

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