Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Brooklyn based The Sofas and the post punk goodness of "Nothing Major" from the "Chop Water" album

The Sofas hail from Brooklyn, New York and their current single Nothing Major from their latest album "Chop Water" is an energetic post punk rocker. The jangly rhythm almost feels laid back at first  with a cool aloof vocal performance until the first chorus and then that laid back guitar erupts into strident sounds, bass is more active with drums in tow. Eventually even bigger eruptions occur into this fanning jagged sonic chaos. Something about their sound made me think of Yuck (prior to Daniel Blumberg's departure) and I also thought of Chelsea Light Moving. There is something in The Sofas' noise rock-ish sound that harkens back to the 80's NYC experimental no wave art and music period and that is a great thing. 

3 piece The Sofas are Don, Myles and Will and "Chop Water" (on Jurassic Pop Records) is available on Spotify and other streaming platforms. 

Robb Donker

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