Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Glass Spells creates dark seductive dance punk from sunny California - feel the "Fascination"

Fascination by the So Cal dance punk band Glass Spells floats on electronic sputtering synth arpeggios, what feels like future disco beats (yes disco never actually died), thumping bass lines and Suz Garza's aloof artistically taught vocal performance (think leather bound dominatrix or cyborg). Spawned out of Calexico (Baja California) and now based out of San Diego (Ca), the band- Anthony Ramirez (with Suz) and Michael Rascon and Mallory Garcia live in sun drenched perfection making sounds that feel more at home in the rain soaked sci fi tableau of Blade Runner or the topsy turvy realm of Stranger Things.

Robb Donker  

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