Saturday, October 20, 2018

"Put It Into Motion" by Sonic from Bogata, Columbia is an unabashedly positive rock pop song

The song Put It Into Motion by the band Sonic from Bogata, Columbia is an unabashedly positive rock pop song. It is the kind of song that might conjure a soundtrack to a Disney flick about an underdog group of elementary school soccer players or a Coke commercial that is positively multi-cultural and full of love (and Coca Cola). It is the kind of song that I sometimes stray from. It could feel polyanna but for some reason it does not. Sometimes songs of this nature is what we need and with all the utter bullshit going on in the world right now, it is sometimes the kind of song that might, just might help in some small ways inspire people to go out and do what is right. Hey, is that me being polyanna... maybe but that's ok with me. 

Robb Donker


The band Sonic (Bogota, Colombia) has announced the independent release of its debut album"One Peaceful Day. The album was produced by Luis Ernesto Walteros in LeFlat Studios, co-produced by SilverFox, and mastered by Grammy-nominated C1 Mastering (Carlos Silva). The band also received special consultation from Grammy-nominated artist/producer Carlos Villalobos.
The album carries you through a sonic and emotional journey, bringing you to edges of modern rock, indie rock, alternative rock, and alternative pop without diving headlong into anyone. The songs deal with social issues like the international refugee crisis, polarization, the voiceless, the fake news epidemic, and depression/anxiety crisis. Yet with songs like Put It Into Motion and the title track, aptly placed at the end...Sonic remains hopeful and welcomes you to embrace One Peaceful Day.
Sonic formed in January of 2017. In less than a year it has been a widely recognized band in the Bogota rock scene, lauded for its diverse membership, stage presence, and song composition. It was one of a select group of local bands to participate in the Hard Rock Rising competition, and advanced to the semi-finals of the prestigious Monsters of Rock competition hosted by Subterranica in 2017 and and to the finals in 2018.


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