Sunday, November 4, 2018

Barry Wilson Music- "Persuasions To Enjoy" (Featuring Shaool and Kala) - lush groovy jazz, neo soul, funk, hip hop explosion

Persuasions To Enjoy (Featuring Shaool and Kala) by Barry Wilson Music out of Cork, Ireland is the kind of groovy track that immediately makes your ears perk up. Wilson a drummer, pianist, vocalist, songwriter / composer blends jazz, funk and neo soul into amazingly cool pieces of work pulling in talented artists including Ophelia McCabe, Gemma Sugrue, Kala Chung and Sara Ryan and more. Persuasions To Enjoy rides on different time signatures, hip hop flourishes, deep horn vibes and an almost kind of 70's deep pop assembly with a Steely Dan vibe. The changes dip and curve and settle into lush beautiful sounds too. The track is so incredibly varied and immersive. Amazing stuff. Check it out and the video below.

Robb Donker

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