Sunday, November 11, 2018

Cathedrals' track "Just A Game" is a beautiful dreamy sonic landscape carrying mesmerizing vocals

Cathedrals' track Just A Game might just be a game changer for the two talented artists Brodie Jenkins and Johnny Hwin whose disparate journeys coalesced as fate and a mutual friend brought them together at an art collective in San Francisco. Ironically, the two attended the same college at the same time but never met. They both had successes apart but together is where the magic happens. Listen to Just A Game to get the essence of Brodie's remarkable instrument (her voice) with self described folk roots and a gothic heart and Johnny a self taught keyboardist with an organic ability to create captivating beats and with an never ending string of ideas. They both draw inspiration from Swedish pop, nineties trip-hop, indie dreamwave and pitch-black trap stewing up a heady blend. Performing live they incorporate Mitchell Wilcox on drums and Jonathan Hererra on bass and synths.
Robb Donker

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