Saturday, November 17, 2018

"Javelin Fade" by Daniel Isaiah feels like something between a hymn and a hidden conversation between secret lovers

The terribly intimate sadly beautiful Javelin Fade by Daniel Isaiah feels like something between a hymn and a late night hidden conversation between secret lovers on top of the phone beneath bed blankets. Isaiah's vocal performance so upfront creeps seductively into your brain like propaganda. It is mesmerizing and the upfront nature of the production, drums way upfront, vox, and other synth sounds, bass, what sounds like pedal steel guitars even fade up in volume or fade back in such a dreamy way. The melodies shine too and in the end the whole production feels so moving while at the same time feeling like a psyche art rock piece. The theatrical artifice with drum snare rolls that sound like thunder amps up the dreaminess and art rock feel. Wow. 

Javelin Fade is the lead single from Isaiah's upcoming album "Only One Left". The album was started in 2016 and as the press notes indicate: 

The creation of this album was book-ended by the saddest and happiest events in Daniel's life; he started writing it during the last weeks of his mother's life, and the album was mastered the day before his wedding. In between, Isaiah travelled for nine months – to Turkey, Greece, Italy, England, France and The Netherlands – taking with him a Nord synthesizer that he used to compose most of the album.
Only One Left is an album of endings and beginnings, rooted in Isaiah's native Montreal, but also the countries where he travelled, a drifter in unfamiliar places as an outsider looking in. The music itself signals a new phase in the career of this artist – ever searching and deeply committed to the old craft of songwriting and experimenting with new forms of musical expression.

I am so moved and impressed with Javelin Fade. I can't wait to dive into what is sure to be an emotional deep album in "Only One Left."

Robb Donker

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