Sunday, November 25, 2018

"King Of Worms" by Deer Venom and Joel Paton feels like goth / grunge folk

King of Worms, the new single by Seattle based Deer Venom (the post punk solo project of Mario Barbetta) is a collaboration with another Seattle songwriter Joel Paton. By the sounds they have crafted together, deep haunting vocals riding on a spartan beat, acoustic guitars and electric sonic ambience (by way of synths or guitars) it is a clear and present sign that these two passionate writers should collab again and again. It feels like a kind of Neil Young-ian affair pushed through a kind of goth / grunge folk filters. 


Deer Venom is the name of a Seattle-based post-punk solo project by Mario Barbetta. Deer Venom is dark, poppy stoner-punk, with some darker new-wave elements and occasional sparkly glam edge. Deer Venom was founded by multi-instrumentalist Mario Barbetta in his basement in 2010. From Fall of 2013 through Spring of 2017 Deer Venom was a 3 piece. The band played a number of shows in the Seattle area (see show review - In the Summer of 2017 Mario recorded the first official Deer Venom release with hired gun drummer Mike Stone - a 4-song self-titled ep which came out Jan 26, 2018.

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