Sunday, November 4, 2018

"Lovely" and "Gaining Weight" from Boreen's "Lovely" album- the stuff of life and movies

Portland based Boreen just released their "Lovely" album and quite frankly it is lovely (yes, I had to say it). But it is and the title track is a nice entre into their dreamy indie sound that feels like it should grace indie movies. I know that is a simplified take but many of the songs on the album I could here on the soundtracks of film makers like Wes Anderson or Alexander Payne or Jim Jarmusch or Hal Ashby (Rest In Peace). The track Lovely moves on a runaway beat and feels like a slice, like the day in the life while waiting for love (maybe). Other songs feel more trippy like the opening track Gaining Weight simmering in a somber stew of bedroom poppy sounds and when the groove drops in and out it adds a nice texture but the melodies are what seep into your soul in a sweet way. This is the case with many of the tracks on "Lovely" which you have to hear in it's entirety.

Robb Donker

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