Saturday, November 3, 2018

"Memory" by Murmur Tooth plays out like captivating haunting in a kitsch horror flick and I love it.

Memories are a mixed emotional bag. They can be lovely and life affirming and they can be unfortunately for some horrific. They are a reflections of lives lived. The track Memory by Murmur Tooth the musical moniker of multi-instrumentalist / singer songwriter Leah Hinton from Dunedin, New Zealand (but currently based out of Berlin) feels vast and haunting with downtrodden chords and a vocal performance vacillating between being open and intimate and radio muted like memories from another time. Gluing it all together are mournful horns that are just so exquisitely cool. In the end the song feels cinematic like something between a 70's kitsch horror and straight horror flick. Call it goth pop or gloom pop or whatever you like but it is very, very cool.

Robb Donker

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