Sunday, November 25, 2018

"Never In The Same Worlds" by post punk shapeshifters Moontwin is a definitive work

As Moontwin, singer songwriter Maple Bee (Melanie Garside) and XRaydio founder Zac Kuzmanov continue their long distance musical romance shaping sounds and pushing post punk buttons while being over 1700 miles apart. Their latest called Never In The Same Worlds might just be an ode to their interesting dynamic as they compose from places between London and Bulgaria. Not afraid to paint with different colors NITSW pulsates with dark drum beats and big room indie rock tones. Synth arpeggios and lush walls of dramatic guitars hold sway as the vox that exquisitely blend Maple Bee's and Zac vox into an almost industrial punk vocal affectation pull you in close. The guitar lines are sinfully, sinfully delicious. These two creatives continue to put out darkly cool material. Zac was diagnosed with a degenerative muscular disorder losing the use of his hands but he still finds ways to record, mix and edit their musical and visual creations. Amazing. 

Robb Donker

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