Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Luke De-Sciscio's intimate orchestrations of sound on "Petrichor"

The song Petrichor feels so intimate that you can almost feel Luke De-Sciscio's breath on your ear. Framed on tactile nimble acoustic guitar and lovely orchestrations of sounds with hazy fog shrouded walls of backing vocals, Petrichor gets deep inside your head. While all this is happening it is De-Sciscio's evocative vocal performance that you hear and feel the most. 

A formidable artist in many ways and a folk singer who can rock when he wants to (see here) De-Sciscio was raised in the Wiltshire English countryside on the very edge of Stanton Park. He later relocated to Bath where he spent two years living on a canal boat. Inspired by the experimental, automatic writing style of Jack Kerouac and Van Morrison he began writing as a teenager. 

Robb Donker

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